Candice O’Denver

Candice O'Denver Profile PicThe Most Basic Human Right: Education in the Nature of Mind

Today there is so much freedom for all kinds of people to live the way they want to live—primarily due to the social activism of the last forty years—but there still isn’t enough.

Since the beginning of  her life, Candice O’Denver has known many people who have made many profound changes in the world. She has always seen the power of community organizing; people gathering together to enforce change where change is not wanted. Candice has been involved with all of the great movements: civil rights, domestic violence, international women’s political caucus, and as one of the founders of Big Sisters; however, Candice O’Denver has seen through her own social action work and through that of others that, until we know the nature of mind, we will not be able to accomplish the goals we wish to accomplish with social action. It is impossible because the organizations and institutions are comprised of people, and if people do not know what to do with things like desire, pride, anger, hatred, arrogance, envy, jealousy,  etc., there is going to be chaos in that organization with constant breakdowns, no matter how many different management teams or new ideas are brought in to try to straighten things out. The things that we see in society are a mirror image of us, because we all together created the society.

Candice O’Denver was interested in a change that will take place at the core of society whereby all people are changed forever. This change needed to come from the grassroots, not from an institution. By everyone being educated in the nature of mind, we have a new idea of what teaming is—people coming together using all the technology available to solve a common problem. Candice O’Denver feels strongly that providing education in the nature of mind is social activism of the greater order. This is social activism of today, and we must have priority for social activism because everything else we want to be socially active about needs to be fueled by the beneficial potency of open intelligence in order to be successful.

Candice traveled all over the world seeing what it was people wanted from their mind, what they expected from their intelligence and just how people could come about to really make use of their innate potency. This potency that is so lively and so thoroughgoing that it truly can change the world over night. It can cause all of the human species to turn around without even knowing it; it is that powerful.

Candice O’Denver is the founder of Balanced View, a grassroots community dedicated to empowering and enlightening people for the benefit of others on a global scale. Currently, the group has four centers around the world— a residential center in both Sweden and USA, a remote center in India and a virtual center in Second Life, the popular online virtual world. All of these centers are dedicated to offering safe and welcoming environments, while also teaching and empowering its inhabitants of the power of open intelligence.