A Special Type of Learning

In this moment, as related to time, place, circumstance and result, all knowledge that needs to be known will be available in order to further the benefit of all. This is really a special type of learning. Sometimes it’s called non-learning, but perfect knowledge subsumes both non-learning and learning; it includes and encompasses both. All conventional knowledge and all non-symbolic knowledge that are needed are combined and completely available—all of this for the purpose of love, of loving intent, of loving aspiration and motivation that are completely uncontrived.

All of this comes to us in each short moment after we’re introduced to open intelligence’s beneficial energy. Each short moment is an opportunity for reified suffering—which means that the suffering has an independent nature—or for clarifying and transforming the reified description of that suffering into what it really is—loving beneficial energy.

So, each moment is that opportunity.
The truth is so simple; it is so very real and very direct.