Pure and Spontaneous Benefit

What could be more enjoyable than going beyond everything you have ever taken yourself to be—including being a lump of cellular matter—and coming to know yourself as the power of unchanging life, the vast expanse that can never be turned on or off, that is uncaused, and unborn and due to being unborn will never die. Something that isn’t born can’t die. By knowing yourself as this, more and more your identity will be perfected as indescribably pure and spontaneous benefit.

Carefree Life

After we gain some confidence in open intelligence, that becomes clear. We couldn’t possibly go the way of conventionality once we start to gain confidence in open intelligence. It becomes impossible because you can’t suddenly have amnesia about the benefits of open intelligence. It’s impossible once you taste that nectar; you cannot turn away from it. It is all-seductive and all-consuming. It consumes all ideas that you’ve had about yourself: who you take yourself to be, who others take you to be, and it consumes also your past, present and future, swallows it up completely. This is the way you want it to be, because this is a carefree life of great accomplishment.

Purpose of Life

To realize pure open intelligence as one’s own nature is to realize the purpose and benefit for which one is intended. It’s as simple as that.


There is only one place to find well-being and that is in yourself. If you find it in yourself, then you know it is possible for everyone. Then it isn’t up to you any longer to run around trying to ensure everybody’s well-being, because you have come to see that it can only come from inside them.

Benefits of Relying on Open Intelligence

Relying on open intelligence releases that tremendous energy of connection and real caring and good cheer that allows us to open up to the degree that we can go beyond what is expected of us and contribute our strengths, gifts and talents in a powerful way.

Relying on What Works

Why not check out a broader experience of what it means to be human? Why not learn about yourself in a fresh way rather than the tired ways that have never brought about happiness, that have never brought about the release of the tremendous energy within you that contribute your strengths, gifts and talents? What is the point in continuing to rely on what doesn’t work? What works is for human beings to feel that ease in life and to feel empowered to act in beneficial ways. That is what works!


Stability of Open Intelligence

By the power of simply resting as open intelligence, we are no longer engulfed by the hustle and bustle of the compulsive trivia of data. Rather, the monumental stability of open intelligence is our comfort, identity and home. Its protection is indestructible and cannot be swayed. The stability of indestructible open intelligence is what we come to rely on in all of our affairs; it never fails us.

Identifying With Open Intelligence

Your own data, are the perfect opportunity for gaining confidence in open intelligence. If other people understand what you’re doing—or not—it really doesn’t matter, because open intelligence itself needs to be what you’re identifying with, rather than identifying with other people’s opinions to get juice for feeling okay. If you put your trust in open intelligence rather than the flapping jaws of descriptions, then you’ll be okay, no matter what comes up.

Understanding The Purpose of Life

If you gain confidence in open intelligence, all your concerns about money, food, sex, shelter, clothing, work, every other concern you might have will resolve in the bright light of open intelligence. You’ll find something really incredible: you will find that you have never had to worry about any of these things. Your worry and concern, your valiant attempts to try to get all these things into your life were secondary at best; these are really not the place to invest your time or energy when it comes to understanding human life or understanding the purpose of human life and the potential of your own body and mind.

Gaining Confidence in Open Intelligence

Through the practice of short moments our experience is gathered up into the actual instinctive realization of open intelligence. This is similar to a great fog evaporating in the bright sun. If there’s a great fog that’s hanging over the coast, it gradually evaporates as the heat of the sun gets brighter and brighter and the winds move in a certain way. So too, it is with gaining confidence in open intelligence.