Candice on Spontaneous Non-Learning

The following is a summary of Candice O’Denver’s talk given at the Balanced View center in Sweden on spontaneous non-learning embedded here. To watch other videos featuring Candice O’Denver, please feel free to view them here.

Direct experience of open intelligence is immediately beneficial, and made through the Balanced View lifestyle. Candice O’Denver asserts that spontaneous non-learning begins with the transmission of open intelligence in short moments, repeated many times until obvious at all times. Since it is already present, any practice should be very simple, easy, and direct.

There are many systems of knowledge that we have built as a human race, but Candice O’Denver argues that not all of these systems of knowledge are effective when it comes to bringing all people together for the common good of all; however, open intelligence and spontaneous non-learning allows us to do so.

Candice continues by saying that it should not be up to governments or other institutions to come together and decide that humans should be peaceful towards one another, but it is our right and privilege to come together as a human race and decide this ourselves through our practice of open intelligence.

We must allow everything to be exactly as they is, and by doing so, we allow all data, information and knowledge to open up into expansive beneficial energy. Through this, “we know exactly what to do in each time, place, and circumstance, and the result is always benefit”. This is what wisdom is.

Candice O’Denver points out that if we live practicing open intelligence, there will be no need for any sort of rulebook – no known right or wrong answer. Moral and ethics are built-in. From this, assurance grows, and we become confident in knowing that we will know what to do in every time, place, and circumstance.

Consequently, a level of relaxation and ease fills one lifestyle, and no matter what choice he or she makes, there is comfort in knowing it will be good and of benefit because open intelligence is recognized, practiced, realized and at the basis of decisions at all times.

Candice O’Denver completes her talk by speaking on the ways in which we have oppressed ourselves through emphasizing negative data streams. She reminds us that our inability to recognize the fundamental nature of these negative data streams has lead us to creating a society that functions just like we as we do individually, with institutions to control and manage people instead of empowering them; however Candice reminds us that once we look at ourselves and recognize this, we can empower ourselves and reverse this internalized oppression, which is what the Balanced View lifestyle is all about.

Candice closes her talk by saying, “the purpose of Balanced View is to level the playing field, to normalize and bring into a permission field, all data streams of all people – positive, negative, and neutral – because this is where our goodness is.”