Work with Balanced View

Social change is at the grassroots; it is asking all the world’s people: “What do you want; how do you want to live?” So that is what we did in Balanced View; we traveled all over the world seeing what it was people wanted from their mind, what they expected from their intelligence, and just how people could come about to really make use of their innate potency — a potency that is so lively and so thoroughgoing that it truly can change the world over night. This empowerment of the world’s people is something I have seen since the beginning of my life, and it’s absolutely crucial. Each person is a powerhouse of beneficial potency.

We have built societies based on the idea that people are flawed, wrong, and bad. So when we have that idea about people being flawed, wrong and bad, then we need to build institutions to place all these flawed, bad and wrong people. The same ideas are infiltrating social change organizations unless the underlying belief systems are opened up and completely resolved.

The nature of mind is naturally unifying. The nature of mind isn’t looking at gender or color or socioeconomic demographics or anything like that. The nature of mind doesn’t see things that way. The nature of mind is all-inclusive, all-inclusive in equalness and evenness, which means that everything is of value. Everything is of tremendous value. Instinctively, we become more and more aware of this just on a daily basis through relying on short moments of resting deeply in obvious open intelligence, repeated many times, until its benefits are continuous throughout day and night.

We realize the tremendous value that is in everything. Very deep caring is something we are each born with. It is my greatest joy to see today that in Balanced View we have created a movement in which this is the basis of an organizational culture of gratitude, respect and empowerment for the benefit of all.