Education in the Nature of Mind

There is the need to reach out to as many people as possible all over the world in every country so that there can be living examples. Other people will see the changes in people practicing the Mainstays, and they will want to know what happened. There needs to be a mandate for everyone everywhere—a mandate for education in the nature of mind. Education in the nature of mind subsumes all ideas about everything and all ideologies whatsoever. It is not in any classification or category whatsoever, or if it has a classification, it is simply “human nature,” what we can prove to be true about human nature, and then educating everyone in a uniform way about what that nature is—open intelligence. This is more important than anything. Then, if our government officials won’t mandate this, then we must mandate it at the grassroots, which is what we are doing. We are organizing global community at the grassroots, mandating education in the nature of mind.