Giving It All I’ve Got

Thinking about social activism and taking action have to go go hand in hand. Just sitting around and thinking about it or writing about it or talking to your friends, that is one thing. But actually taking action and taking responsibility, saying, “I am going to commit my life to this, and I am going to give all I have got, whatever that is. I am going to give to this—and that is all there is to it,” is what social activism is all about.

Social activism from open intelligence is a total joy ride! It is a lot of fun. There are all kinds of challenges that come up, just like in any organization; however, we have the tools to handle whatever comes up. Solution-orientation is what we are all about, not problem-orientation. Solution-orientation is where it’s at. Open intelligence is always solution-oriented. It is not going to create bigger messes and problems. Solution-orientation.