Pure and Spontaneous Benefit

What could be more enjoyable than going beyond everything you have ever taken yourself to be—including being a lump of cellular matter—and coming to know yourself as the power of unchanging life, the vast expanse that can never be turned on or off, that is uncaused, and unborn and due to being unborn will never die. Something that isn’t born can’t die. By knowing yourself as this, more and more your identity will be perfected as indescribably pure and spontaneous benefit.

Purpose of Life

To realize pure open intelligence as one’s own nature is to realize the purpose and benefit for which one is intended. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Relying on Open Intelligence

Relying on open intelligence releases that tremendous energy of connection and real caring and good cheer that allows us to open up to the degree that we can go beyond what is expected of us and contribute our strengths, gifts and talents in a powerful way.

Abide as Open Intelligence

No matter what you are up to: your relationships, your work or wherever else you looked in data to find comfort, satisfaction and fulfillment, just let it all be as it is and cling to open intelligence above all else. That doesn’t mean clinging to open intelligence like some needy little wimp, but to abide as open intelligence and identify with the super-power of your own nature. Identify as the super-intelligence of your own being, and stop wimping out with all your beliefs in data.

The Nature of Data

This is like the knot in a snake undoing itself. The snake doesn’t need any help to undo a knot; it undoes it on its own. This is the same with data. They’re their own undoing. They release in and of themselves. Through the power of short moments, then you come to see that all these data are outshone; they are completely outshone by the light of open intelligence. You don’t even notice them anymore. There is just open intelligence and all these data. The engagement with the world is not a big deal. It’s not a big deal. You know what to do and how to act in all situations and you are no longer incessantly distracted by everything that appears.

Immediate Benefit

We start to realize that there is a whole other outlook on life, a whole other way to understand life, a whole other way to be. We may be a little bit tentative about this at first, but because it is so convincing in terms of its immediate benefit to us, we, although tentative, go right ahead anyway. Plus, we see in our friends a change; we see a dramatic change, a dramatic glow.

Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

Inexhaustibly opening intelligence provides for society a standard of immediate and long term benefit, including complete mental and emotional stability, profound insight, potent altruism, beneficial relating, intimate relating, optimal health, economic certainty, spontaneous ethics, beneficial speech, solution-oriented action, spontaneous motivation to benefit all, consistent power to fulfill beneficial creative intent, pristine environment and pervasive mutual harmony. Within yourself, your very self, you are the pristine environment of opening intelligence. You are living as pervasive, mutual harmony. There is no question about that whatsoever.

Beneficial, Prosperous and Generous Conduct

For the opening intelligence view, the fundamental key points—recognition, commitment and assurance—are obvious in short moments declaration of unending opening intelligence. Opening intelligence’s resultant beneficial, prosperous, generous conduct is sealed into the superior instruction of short moments. In each of those short moments benefit, prosperity and generous conduct is sealed—first of all to yourself and then to others, to our habitat, the place where we live.

Beneficial Energy

We really come to see that all of the reified data streams about the body and mind are momentary hallucinatory images of open intelligence. If they’re not reified, they become beneficial energy. If the data streams are just allowed to be as they are, they’re totally beneficial energy.


Instead of trying to abide by imaginary constructs that have never led any of us to complete and permanent happiness and the ability to be of benefit to all, we rely on what we can find to be absolutely true about ourselves. What do we find to be the basis of what we are? What can we absolutely say is true about you and about me? What can we find that is always established, never changing, absolutely real and always available to provide immediate benefit that is beyond all kinds of ideas of good or bad, right or wrong? In this we find the ultimate rightness and goodness, and it is completely uncontrived. Uncontrived—we’re not trying to contrive being good or being right.