Open Intelligence is Lucid and Clear

When we look closer at the nature of our own experience, then we can really examine whether or not thoughts or other phenomena are self-generated. We really can question whether or not thoughts have some independent power to affect our well-being or whether it’s in open intelligence itself that there is a natural state of perfection and well-being in which there is total lucidity and clarity, and which is always the case regardless of thinking. This is a very important key point I have just mentioned: open intelligence is always the same, and it is lucid and clear regardless of thinking.

Beneficial Energy

We really come to see that all of the reified data streams about the body and mind are momentary hallucinatory images of open intelligence. If they’re not reified, they become beneficial energy. If the data streams are just allowed to be as they are, they’re totally beneficial energy.

Candice on the Four Mainstays Lifestyle

The following has been pulled from the embedded video:

Candice starts by saying that the Balanced View lifestyle is available and accessible to everyone – the only thing that it requires is a total commitment to Four Mainstays. The Four Mainstays are the following:

  1. Practice of Short Moments
  2. Trainer
  3. Training
  4. Community

Candice describes the Four Mainstays as an algorithm – a step-by-step procedure that will always lead to the same result – and in this case, the end result is the Balanced View Lifestyle. In the Balanced View Lifestyle, Candice asserts that one makes an active choice about the life he or she is going to live, and in turn, positively impact another’s life.

Candice explains that she chose this lifestyle early on in her life, and never looked back. She mastered her way of life, and then realized that others could benefit from her lifestyle. She claims the lifestyle is simple, and that anyone can adopt it if they are open. This lifestyle cannot be categorized by science, religion, or philosophy, but is the embodiment of the combination of these things and much more.

Candice describes the present as an “era of great benefit… the age of empowerment,” and poses these questions on discovering authentic human nature: Who are we? What are we? What is our fundamental basis? What are we capable of? What is reality for a human being?

The Four mainstays lifestyle offers the answers to all of these questions, and the best part is, anyone can come to these answers themselves through the reality of what it means to be human.