You are Open Intelligence!

Keep it very simple. You are open intelligence! Know yourself as that! Everything you know about yourself is due to open intelligence, so obviously open intelligence is the basis of everything. Within open intelligence, all data appear. A problem only enters in when you like, dislike or are indifferent about the data that appear. If you start to make a choice about how you feel about all these data streams, then you break down into suffering. Isn’t that right?

Free of The Fear of Death

To be free of the fear of death is very, very powerful, and that’s what short moments of open intelligence gives you. It gives you complete freedom from all data and complete freedom in the direct encounter with everything. We never know what’s going to happen next, we really don’t. By the power of open intelligence we’re ready for everything. That’s what we can really say; we are ready for everything, no matter what it is. This is very, very powerful, and it’s not to be dismissed.

Freedom From Ups and Downs

When we choose to either rest or not to rest, we choose either freedom from ups and downs or the continuation of ups and downs. This is really the choice we’re making. If you have been resting for some time already, then you have enough confidence in open intelligence to know that there is freedom from ups and downs in relation to at least some of your data streams. In a very practical way, you can say to yourself: “Well you know, I already see in these other areas of data that I now have freedom from ups and downs concerning those data streams.”

Get Down to Basics

It’s up to us; it’s up to you, and it’s up to me. If we look at ourselves, and we really get down to basics, then we want to be clear about who we really are. When it really gets down to basics, we want to have a level of comfort in our life. We might not even call it happiness; we’d just like to be somewhat comfortable on a daily basis. Just that. When we find something about ourselves that guarantees that comfort, then it is important to take notice of that; it is really important to take note. There’ll never be a greater spectacle than yourself, so don’t look for some kind of spectacle to get involved in.

Primordial Wisdom and Compassion

Inseparable from open intelligence is compassion. Just like sunshine is inseparable from the sun, compassion is inseparable from open intelligence. By the power of resting as open intelligence for short moments repeated many times, primordial wisdom and compassion become evident. They become more and more evident. This is what we really want. This is what can motivate us to actually take a short moment of open intelligence in the midst of an afflictive state, rather than to nurture it. In each moment of the total relief of open intelligence, there is complete primordial wisdom as well as primordial compassion that is completely uncontrived. In every short moment of open intelligence this is obviously present.


By gaining confidence in open intelligence, we enter into effortlessness—effortlessness in our experiences where we can take on great tasks, and we can even find ourselves doing the undoable. It’s all occurring effortlessly, and at the same time we are operating at optimal lucidity and clarity in everything that we do.

The Essence of Who We Are

As we in our own experience come to see that thoughts don’t have an independent power or nature, that they’re not substantial in their own right and they don’t have the power to cause either benefit or harm to our well-being, then we really begin to see the essence of what we really are. We begin to see that which can take us all the way in life; it can take us through any experience no matter what it is.

All-encompassing Pure View of Open Intelligence

A simple way to think about it is that within the all-encompassing pure view of open intelligence, all data appear. Those data streams are never separated from open intelligence. The data stream could be called anything: a thought, an emotion, a sensation, an intuition, an experience, a person, place or thing. No matter what it’s called, no matter what its description, it is a data stream appearing in open intelligence.

The Solution to All Problems

In this simple way, in our own individual experience, we come to very clearly see the power of open intelligence, that power of open intelligence can do what noting else has been able to do, and open intelligence has something for everyone. It isn’t something anyone gets from anyone else; it’s the substance, the sole single substance of all human experience no matter what it is. When we demonstrate to ourselves in our own experience its power, then we can see how it easily is the solution to all kinds of problems that human beings may have experienced.

Open Intelligence is Pivotal

Open intelligence is pivotal in our human experience. If we want to understand all of our human experience, everything we know about our human experience, individually or collectively, open intelligence is pivotal. It is only by gaining confidence in open intelligence for each of us individually and there by solving our own personal problems that we can then see the power of open intelligence to find solutions to many of the problems facing human beings.