Familiarity with Open Intelligence

The more we get familiar with open intelligence, the more it’s clear that open intelligence is naturally and spontaneously present as the source of all thinking. By resting as open intelligence rather than following all the stories of thought, we find peacefulness within ourselves and clarity within ourselves that we may have never known before. Rather than trying to maintain it as a state that is separate from thought, we find that we don’t even have to worry about breaking things up or dividing them up in that way.

Open Intelligence is Lucid and Clear

When we look closer at the nature of our own experience, then we can really examine whether or not thoughts or other phenomena are self-generated. We really can question whether or not thoughts have some independent power to affect our well-being or whether it’s in open intelligence itself that there is a natural state of perfection and well-being in which there is total lucidity and clarity, and which is always the case regardless of thinking. This is a very important key point I have just mentioned: open intelligence is always the same, and it is lucid and clear regardless of thinking.