The Hell Realm of Data

If you bore into that hole of data, then everywhere you look, all you will see are data—data about yourself, data about everybody else and data about the world you live in. You’ll live in a hell realm of data. It’s a reality hole that you yourself choose, but it does not have a basis in actuality. By just maintaining open intelligence, you immediately challenge your belief in any datum you’ve ever believed in, no matter what it is, big or small.

Abide As Open Intelligence

No matter what you are up to: your relationships, your work or wherever else you looked in data to find comfort, satisfaction and fulfillment, just let it all be as it is and cling to open intelligence above all else. That doesn’t mean clinging to open intelligence like some needy little wimp, but to abide as open intelligence and identify with the super-power of your own nature. Identify as the super-intelligence of your own being, and stop wimping out with all your beliefs in data.

The Nature of Data

This is like the knot in a snake undoing itself. The snake doesn’t need any help to undo a knot; it undoes it on its own. This is the same with data. They’re their own undoing. They release in and of themselves. Through the power of short moments, then you come to see that all these data are outshone; they are completely outshone by the light of open intelligence. You don’t even notice them anymore. There is just open intelligence and all these data. The engagement with the world is not a big deal. It’s not a big deal. You know what to do and how to act in all situations and you are no longer incessantly distracted by everything that appears.

The Nature Of Data

Initially it’s important not to be distracted by the stories. The more confident you become through the power of open intelligence, it doesn’t matter whether the stories are there or not; they mean nothing. They diminish; they really diminish. Just know that first you start to see, “Well, I guess data aren’t the enemy. I thought they were the enemy, but maybe they’re not. Now maybe I can look at them as friends.” Then, data start to look a lot friendlier.