Carefree Life

After we gain some confidence in open intelligence, that becomes clear. We couldn’t possibly go the way of conventionality once we start to gain confidence in open intelligence. It becomes impossible because you can’t suddenly have amnesia about the benefits of open intelligence. It’s impossible once you taste that nectar; you cannot turn away from it. It is all-seductive and all-consuming. It consumes all ideas that you’ve had about yourself: who you take yourself to be, who others take you to be, and it consumes also your past, present and future, swallows it up completely. This is the way you want it to be, because this is a carefree life of great accomplishment.

Get Down to Basics

It’s up to us; it’s up to you, and it’s up to me. If we look at ourselves, and we really get down to basics, then we want to be clear about who we really are. When it really gets down to basics, we want to have a level of comfort in our life. We might not even call it happiness; we’d just like to be somewhat comfortable on a daily basis. Just that. When we find something about ourselves that guarantees that comfort, then it is important to take notice of that; it is really important to take note. There’ll never be a greater spectacle than yourself, so don’t look for some kind of spectacle to get involved in.

Immediate Benefit

We start to realize that there is a whole other outlook on life, a whole other way to understand life, a whole other way to be. We may be a little bit tentative about this at first, but because it is so convincing in terms of its immediate benefit to us, we, although tentative, go right ahead anyway. Plus, we see in our friends a change; we see a dramatic change, a dramatic glow.

Easeful Relationships

When we show up with our family and our loved ones in open intelligence, we find that we have a new disposition; we have a completely new disposition with people that we had an entirely different attitude towards. Our data streams would run wild all over the place whenever we were with them perhaps, and now we find that we are just happy to be with them, that we are looking for ways to be of service to them, whether it’s cooking a special dish or taking some photographs and then sending them out to people who had attended the event. It’s just absolutely marvelous, it really is.

The Enrichment Environment, Safe and Comfortable

The Four Mainstays provide this kind of enrichment environment for open intelligence’s beneficial potencies—a totally relaxed environment where we can feel safe and comfortable in everyday life, knowing that we’re not on our own. We’re not isolated; we will be contributed to in all respects by this lifestyle we have chosen. At first we understand that intellectually and we physically show up. Then we understand it instinctively, and finally we get it spontaneously and we act without any effort at all.

Available to Everyone

Balanced View is available to everyone. All it requires is our 100% commitment to the Four Mainstays: the practice of short moments, the trainer, the training and the community. These four together are an algorithm; an algorithm is a step-by-step procedure that always leads to the same result. This step-by-step procedure is found within the Four Mainstays; however, it’s a step-by-step procedure that doesn’t require following “one, two, three” and so forth. It is a step-by-step procedure that is totally natural.

We all live a lifestyle, whether we know it or not. In the Four Mainstays lifestyle we make an active choice about our lifestyle. We say, “This is the way I am going to live; I will live this way from now on, and that’s all there is to it.”

What the Four Mainstays Lifestyle Offers

Who are we? What are we? What is our actual fundamental basis? What are we capable of really and truly? What is reality for a human being, and how can we answer these questions in each moment of our experience? What is our most optimal conduct? What can each of us individually bring to the world that will in each moment ensure immediate benefit so that in each moment of our existence we will add another building block to world peace and unity? This is what the Four Mainstays lifestyle offers. It offers the potency of the answer to all of these questions, not with intellectual constructs, philosophies or political ideologies, but with the reality of what it means to be human in each and every moment.