Free of The Fear of Death

To be free of the fear of death is very, very powerful, and that’s what short moments of open intelligence gives you. It gives you complete freedom from all data and complete freedom in the direct encounter with everything. We never know what’s going to happen next, we really don’t. By the power of open intelligence we’re ready for everything. That’s what we can really say; we are ready for everything, no matter what it is. This is very, very powerful, and it’s not to be dismissed.

Freedom From Ups and Downs

When we choose to either rest or not to rest, we choose either freedom from ups and downs or the continuation of ups and downs. This is really the choice we’re making. If you have been resting for some time already, then you have enough confidence in open intelligence to know that there is freedom from ups and downs in relation to at least some of your data streams. In a very practical way, you can say to yourself: “Well you know, I already see in these other areas of data that I now have freedom from ups and downs concerning those data streams.”