You are Open Intelligence!

Keep it very simple. You are open intelligence! Know yourself as that! Everything you know about yourself is due to open intelligence, so obviously open intelligence is the basis of everything. Within open intelligence, all data appear. A problem only enters in when you like, dislike or are indifferent about the data that appear. If you start to make a choice about how you feel about all these data streams, then you break down into suffering. Isn’t that right?


By gaining confidence in open intelligence, we enter into effortlessness—effortlessness in our experiences where we can take on great tasks, and we can even find ourselves doing the undoable. It’s all occurring effortlessly, and at the same time we are operating at optimal lucidity and clarity in everything that we do.

All-encompassing Pure View of Open Intelligence

A simple way to think about it is that within the all-encompassing pure view of open intelligence, all data appear. Those data streams are never separated from open intelligence. The data stream could be called anything: a thought, an emotion, a sensation, an intuition, an experience, a person, place or thing. No matter what it’s called, no matter what its description, it is a data stream appearing in open intelligence.

The Solution to All Problems

In this simple way, in our own individual experience, we come to very clearly see the power of open intelligence, that power of open intelligence can do what noting else has been able to do, and open intelligence has something for everyone. It isn’t something anyone gets from anyone else; it’s the substance, the sole single substance of all human experience no matter what it is. When we demonstrate to ourselves in our own experience its power, then we can see how it easily is the solution to all kinds of problems that human beings may have experienced.

Open Intelligence is Lucid and Clear

When we look closer at the nature of our own experience, then we can really examine whether or not thoughts or other phenomena are self-generated. We really can question whether or not thoughts have some independent power to affect our well-being or whether it’s in open intelligence itself that there is a natural state of perfection and well-being in which there is total lucidity and clarity, and which is always the case regardless of thinking. This is a very important key point I have just mentioned: open intelligence is always the same, and it is lucid and clear regardless of thinking.

The Dynamic Energy of Open Intelligence

Regardless of the many data that seem to appear, they are simply the dynamic energy of opening intelligence, whatever it is. Whatever datum appears, it is fine; it’s just fine. Thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experience—at all times and in all circumstances, these data are opening intelligence alone, and there is recognition of opening intelligence shining brightly in all moments, shining very, very brightly in all moments. Opening intelligence and its dynamic energy—data—brightly and inseparably superimposed like a rainbow and space.

The Greatest Gift

It is a great relief to just allow everything to be as it is. It is a tremendous and great relief. It is the greatest boon that could ever come along in life and that could ever occur. The greatest gift we give ourselves and the greatest gift we give to others is opening intelligence, inexhaustible opening intelligence. This is the greatest gift to ourselves and to others; there is no greater gift.

Short Moments of Open Intelligence

Opening intelligence’s resultant beneficial, prosperous, generous conduct is sealed into the superior instruction of short moments. In each of those short moments benefit, prosperity and generous conduct is sealed—first of all to yourself and then to others, to our habitat, the place where we live.

Practice of Open Intelligence

Practice at all times and in all places—when walking your dog, going to the beach, whatever it might be, eating dinner, brushing your teeth—practice at all times and in all places. This is how we get used to it. In short moments many times opening intelligence is instinctively recognized as continuous, regardless of data.

Open Intelligence is Primordially Pure

Because open intelligence is primordially pure, all data are the shining forth of primordial purity, no matter what we have to say about it. It is in allowing primordial purity to be exactly as it is that we find our power to live a totally beneficial life. No explanations required. Once we are introduced and we say, “Yes, I accept this introduction to open intelligence as my identity, and I am willing to practice this identity just like I practiced reification while I believed in it,” so, too, through short moments we come to believe very directly in the true reality of our own experience, the reality that is open intelligence, primordially pure.