Gaining Confidence in Open Intelligence

The way that one hundred percent commitment shows up is in short moments many times. It can’t be contrived, so there is no way to push yourself into open intelligence by forcing yourself to be aware for long and contrived periods of time. The only way to really gain confidence in open intelligence is through uncontrived short moments. Through this one hundred percent commitment confidence comes about.

Practice of Short Moments

The practice of short moments many times is extremely profound, and anyone who is open enough to enter into it quickly finds that it is extremely profound. It allows for this instinctive realization with no destination to be the case in the self-release of the here and now. What it shows you in your own experience is the self-freeing dynamic of the here and now, and it shows you that most personally in your own experience, with your own thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences.

Immediate Benefit

We can be of immediate benefit to ourselves through the recognition instinctively of open intelligence’s beneficial potencies within us. We see how much short moments of relying on open intelligence enrich each moment of our life and bring peace within ourselves. All data streams within us are unified into seamless indivisibility. All data streams whether they seem internal or external are united indivisibly.