The Solution to All Problems

In this simple way, in our own individual experience, we come to very clearly see the power of open intelligence, that power of open intelligence can do what noting else has been able to do, and open intelligence has something for everyone. It isn’t something anyone gets from anyone else; it’s the substance, the sole single substance of all human experience no matter what it is. When we demonstrate to ourselves in our own experience its power, then we can see how it easily is the solution to all kinds of problems that human beings may have experienced.

Open Intelligence is Pivotal

Open intelligence is pivotal in our human experience. If we want to understand all of our human experience, everything we know about our human experience, individually or collectively, open intelligence is pivotal. It is only by gaining confidence in open intelligence for each of us individually and there by solving our own personal problems that we can then see the power of open intelligence to find solutions to many of the problems facing human beings.